Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Transparency and Accountability Network

About Tr-Ac-Net

The International Transparency and Accountability Network (Tr-Ac-Net) is emerging as a professional independent response to weakness in transparency and accountability (Tr-Ac) that is evident in modern society at almost all levels, including corporate organizations, governments, multilateral organizations, other entities in the official relief and development assistance (ORDA) community, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), faith base organizations (FBOs) and so on. There is no part of society that is not being adversely affected by the weakness of Tr-Ac in the modern era.

The failure of organizations to have a high standard of Tr-Ac has allowed a global mis-management and mis-appropriate of financial resources that is measured in billions of dollars, if not trillions over the past decade. There are powerful forces that have taken advantage of Tr-Ac weakness and would prefer that the weakness remains.

The international accounting firms, the professional institutions of the accountancy profession and the regulatory authorities should have addressed the issue of weakness in Tr-Ac way before it reached the present state, but they have not done so. Since 1995 there have been major scandals arising from Tr-Ac weakness, and little has been done. Though people are outraged, there is no mechanism for this outrage to be channeled into productive response. Tr-Ac-Net starts to make it possible for anyone anywhere to become a part of feedback mechanism that will make it more and more difficult for organizations to operate without a high standard of Tr-Ac.

The first goal of Tr-Ac-Net is to have organizations commit to the concept of operating with a high standard of transparency and accountability (Tr-Ac). Not surprisingly, many organizations are uncomfortable making such a commitment. There are too many implications ... and of course this is exactly why orgnizations should be called upon to make a commitment to high standard Tr-Ac, and then should engage in internal organization and operation so that they are able to operate with full Tr-Ac.

Tr-Ac-Net is establishing a database of organizations to put on the record the status they have with respect to Tr-Ac. This database will be made Internet accessible by the end of the first quarter 2005.

The database will also serve as a repository of feedback from Tr-Ac-Net supporters who identify various forms of scams, rip-offs and obscene profiteering arising anywhere in the world, and especially related to ORDA resources.

Within Tr-Ac-Net's capacity, Tr-Ac-Net professionals will help organizations that want to improve their capacity to have high quality Tr-Ac. This can be simple advice, or full system development assistance using Tr-Ac software applications that have been developed.

Tr-Ac-Net encourages media attention about issues relating to Tr-Ac.

Feedback and information should be sent to tracnet@gmail.com

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