Sunday, November 13, 2005


My post in on Transparency and Accountability

Dear all,

I am very glad to communicate to all of you thro' this august forum,, my thoughts on Transparency and Accountability, a topic dear to me.

I strongly believe, all progress the human race has made over the animal race, over the generations, from time immemorial, is through the positive and progressive use of our sixth sense.

Conversely, we can attribute all the owes of the human race to the negative and improper use of the sixth sense.

Lack of Honesty, Transparency and Accountability leading to moral hypocrisy, in any / all our thoughts and actions, has led to the degeneration of our society, to its present state, despite the advancement in culture, arts, science and technology, etc.

The word Secret and all its derivatives have come to take center seat and all our lives are determined by secrecy of some form or other.

We need to get away from the shackles of this moral and ethical hypocrisy which is due to lack of Transparency and Accountability in our thoughts and actions, first and foremost to ourselves, and then to others.

Each human being needs to live for his / her own happiness and prosperity. The success or failure in life can be judged by self only and not by others. So it is of paramount importance that each one chooses those activities that would give them / lead them to a life of peace, happiness and prosperity.

Moral and ethical corruption is the worst form of corruption and is basically due to greed to possess / enjoy life or secure for future, beyond what one deserves, based on their contribution to society.

If every individual, community, organization, state, nation and society as a whole, turns a new leaf, there can be all round peace, plenty and prosperity for all.

The narrow divisions of mankind such as race, sex, religion, etc. should not come in the way of society.

We all should discuss this freely and frankly to transform our society from negative to positive, decay to growth, divisions to unity, poverty to plenty, unhappines s to happiness, etc.

Kris Dev
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