Monday, November 07, 2005


Transparency and Accountability for transforming society

It is common knowledge that total transparency and Accountability are the two pillars on which society can stand tall.

But unfortunately, over the generations, secrecy has overtaken transparency and has practically won over transparency.

Today, there is hardly any activity in life, which is totally transparent. Lack of transparency can lead to lack of accountability, resulting in corruption of the mind. This can lead to serious consequences, detrimental to the growth of the society.

Leading Governments, politicians, bureaucrats, judges, lawyers, scientists, educationists, doctors, professionals, religious men, parents, etc. resort to secrecy as a way of life. This has degenerated society over the generations. Today there is a competition, as to who is more dishonest.

Every nation, organization, group, family and individual tries to survive at the cost of the other. This has resulted in a rat race and has made life most insecure and devoid of peavce and prosperity, despite advancement in science and technology. Instead of saying despite advancement in science and technology, it may be apt to say, thanks to advancement in science and technology, the human mind has been corrupted to such an extent, hat it now refuses to accept, a open way of life. We tend to doubt everyone else.

ICT can be used a s a real tool to throw away the cloud of secrecy and make all transactions transparent for the whole world to see. Does anyone truly know the amount of gold locked-up in Swiss bank vaults with no claimants? Does anyone know the amount of ill gotten wealth amassed and stored in various bank lockers around the globe?

It is time, we drastically redeem ourselves from the clutches of unscrupulous men and women wholived in the past and are living now, so that we can leave a better world for our future generations.

This si not a utopian idea and is certainly possible now, thanks to the advancement of ICT in making the whole world, a small village. Sitting in my room, I can communicate silently or thro' voice or video, with anyone, anywhere in the world, thanks to the internet.

We need to ban currency circulation the worldover and make all assets worthless by not attaching any value to them.All transactions shall be done transparently thro' a single genuine bank account for every inividul or organization, anywhere in the world. This would rid the world of nuclear trade, drug trade, arms trade, and the various cartels that operate around the globe.

Make all transactions transparent thro' bio-metric. No one should be able to do anything clandestinely. There should be no seperate law enforcing agency, which ends-up as law agrandizing agency. There should be no bureaucracy or police or judiciary, as the community and society would take care of its own administration thro' volunteers of the society in a transparent way.

We should create heaven on earth and undo the present form of living in hell on earth.

Self-Administration, of the people, by the people, for the people, in a transparent and accuntable way to self first, then to family, friends and community, should our goal.

Kris Dev (Krishnan)
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